Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crow Mountain Crafts Review and Giveaway

Crow Mountain Crafts has completely changed the way I view my soap!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, here, I have severe allergies to perfumes. When I say severe I mean severe, as in if a lady with too much perfume walks past me, I can end up with a migraine for days! This means that I have to be picky about many of the products that I use (and that my family uses). For example, when hubs and I got married he used a shampoo that I was allergic to and he had to stop using it because I could not get within 10 feet of him without getting sick (nice for newly weds)! Anyway...

I got the chance to try out Crow Mountain Crafts' Pumpkin Pie Soap, some Pumpkin Pie Bootie Bits and some Monkey Fart Bootie Bits! When I got my package I was incredibly worried that the Pumpkin Pie Soap was going to cause problems for me because the scent was so strong (of course, it had been in a box for 3 days). I put the soap in my bathroom and the scent was still just as strong, but it never bothered my head. I am completely amazed that I have been able to use a scented soap without any migraines.

The thing that I love about this soap is that while the scent is strong, it is not offensive! When I lather up (I know you are glad I did not include pictures in this post) with my Crow Mountain Soap the scent is amazing. The scent stays with me all day, which I love. Hubs has commented on more than one occasion how nice I smell :) I enjoy being able to smell feminine without the obnoxious death headache of doom. I also greatly enjoy the fact that the soap is made with goat's milk and therefore makes my skin so incredibly soft! I cannot rave enough about how great Crow Mountain Crafts' soaps are! I can honestly say that I will never buy body soap from a retail store ever again!

As I mentioned, I also got to try out some Pumpkin Pie Bootie Bits and some Monkey Fart Bootie Bits. Again, I LOVE THE SCENTS! For you non cloth diapering folks out there, bootie bits are also known in the cloth diapering world as wipe solution.

We made the switch to cloth wipes not long ago and I have been searching for the perfect wipe solution for our family. I love that these bits are scented, but not offensive to my picky head or my kid's picky skin. The Crow Mountain Crafts' Bootie Bits really bring "soft as a baby's bottom" to a whole new level in our home :)

So, if you are not a cloth diapering mama/daddy, you may be thinking, bootie bits aren't for me.


You can put bootie bits in a reusable zip lock bag in your purse and have your own soap for work. You can use bootie bits to make a solution to refill your foaming soap bottles. The bootie bits are the perfect size to give your little ones their own personal piece of soap in the bath tub, that way they are not wasting soap every time they drop the entire bar of soap in the water! You can dissolve a bootie bit in some warm water and then dunk a reusable swiffer pad in it and mop your kitchen floor (did that, LOVED that)! Trust me, you will love these little booties :)

Not only does Crow Mountain Crafts offer wonderful soaps, but they also sell lip balm (WANT SOME), Lanolin wool wash bits, soy candles and soy melts.

One of the things that I love about working with Lisa is that she is willing and able to actually work with your wants and needs. If you are looking for a particular scent, she will work with you. If you want your bootie wipes to be made out of glycerin instead of goat's milk, you've got it. I LOVE working with businesses that actually work WITH you!

Now you are ready to transform the way you think about soap too, aren't you!

You can buy some of Crow Mountain Crafts wonderful soaps on Etsy
You can visit Crow Mountain Crafts on Facebook

and you can

ENTER to WIN a bar of your choose here :) All you have to do is fill out the form below. You must be a follower of this blog, and "like" Crow Mountain Crafts on Facebook. EASY PEASY!!! Giveaway will close on 10/29 at 11:59 pm EST


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